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Dynacode Software Incorporated

Dynacode Software Incorporated

Here at Dynacode, we've been creating extraordinary applications for more than a decade. Our passion is client experience, which is why we're so committed to listening to the needs of our customers and providing applications and support that make their business operate more efficiently.

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Our hotel reservation system is installed in 16 countries serving millions of customers and thousands of bookings and requests daily.


Chalet Motel, Whitefish Montana

"I have been using Lodgeware in my motels for the past five years. I looked for a user friendly reservation system that was able to make my reservations, look after the money, and give me reports that I can use to help me in my business.

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PBX Call Accounting System

Dynacall is our Call Management Module that automatically processes call records generated by your phone system, calculates any toll charges that may apply based on your configuration and adds the processed call record and any calculated toll charges to the guest folio.

In practice here is what happens - Suppose you have a guest checked in under Lodgeware. When the guest places a call from their room the moment they hang up your phone system generates a call record that is processed by Lodgeware to determine if any toll charges and taxes apply and then automatically posts the resulting phone charge to the guest invoice.

Supported Phone Systems

Altigen, Atlas, Avaya, Cmx, Comdial, Ctg, Fujitsu, Harris, Hitachi, Hicom, Intertel, Isoetec, Iwatsu, Lucent, Meridian, Mitel, Nitsuko, Optima, Panasonic, Premier, Samsung, Siemens, SL1, Sprint, ThreeCOM, Toshiba, Trillium, Vantage, Vadavi, WIN100

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We have developed applications for a number of sectors including robotics, industrial plant process design tools, geo-technical, hospitality and telephony.

Dynacode is the creator of Lodgeware, a hotel reservation software system that is easy to install, simple to use and maintain. Lodgeware is installed in more than 16 countries booking thousands of reservations daily. Millions of guests worldwide have been attended to using Lodgeware.

We also offer a telephone call accounting system that features a two way interface that automatically calculates and posts guest room telephone charges directly to their bill.

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